Why Choose A Professional Hard Drive Recovery Service?

Is your data worth everything to you? If your data is that important, why take a massive risk by trying to recover it yourself. If anything goes wrong, you may aggravate the case and lose your data forever, making it impossible even for the professional hard drive recovery service to recover it completely. You obviously do not want that. You must understand the fact that recovering data from an out of order hard drive is one of the most delicate tasks to be performed.

hard-drive-damageWe do have lots of data recovery software available in the market but not everyone is informed enough to use them properly or even select the one that is most appropriate to a specific drive. If you put lots of value to your data, go for the safest way to recover it and that is to use a professional hard drive recovery service. The trained professionals of these service providers perform the delicate task of data recovery in the certified clean rooms with utmost care and most of them have high success rate. So, if you are looking for the safest and the most effective way to recover precious data, using the professional hard drive recovery service is highly recommended.

Hard Drive Data Recovery From A Drive That Spins And Clicks!

Getting a hard drive totally dead is better than the one which spins but produces clicking sounds! That is because data recovery is easier from a dead drive than from a clicking hard drive. There are many steps that can be taken on your own for recovering the data when your drive is dead; however, if it produces clicking sounds, the only remedy is to send it to a professional to be fixed in a lab.

There are, however, a few things that need to be followed strictly in case of a clicking hard drive. The most important thing is to immediately stop using that hard drive. You need to power it off right away or you may further aggravate the problem. If you keep using it, it may become damaged to an extent where hard drive data recovery would no longer be possible. Put it off and leave it as it is before you could finally send it to a professional company to be fixed. The hard drive recovery professionals will fix it in a clean room lab where they would most probably replace the damaged head and/or the damaged platter as well to make hard drive data recovery possible and avoid further damage.

Hard Drive Repair And Data Recovery After A Software Related Problem

Having a hard drive fail can mean to be a disaster for most of us, especially when it means losing access to very important data. However, if the problem is not hardware related, or you haven’t physically damaged the drive, there are comparatively better chances of hard drive repair and getting your data back. If your hard drive failed due to such software related problems like important file deletion, formatting of wrong drive etc. you can fix it by taking a few relatively simple steps.

First of all, in such circumstances where your hard drive gets damaged, stop working with it immediately because every moment you work with a faulty drive, the chances of overwriting your data are increased which means losing access to important data for ever and losing chances to your hard drive repair as well.

After you have stopped working with your hard drive, the next step to hard drive repair through data recovery is making a clone of the drive using the method that is easiest for you. Now try to recover data from that clone by taking a few measures.

First of all, scan the clone of your drive with the help of any of the available and reliable recovery program.

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